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Build real-time search applications using data from milions of websites.

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Why Superfeedr for Trackers?

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Easy experimentation with our API consoles

Our API console make it easy to visually create and execute requests without leaving your browser. Perfect for quick tests and fast learning.

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Superfeedr's tracker pricing is simple: pay just $2.00 for each tracking feed you subscribe to.

Each tracking feed comes with 2,000 monthly notifications included. After that, our regular subscriber pricing table applies.

Ready to get started?

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Online Buy Nfl Buy Nfl Calculate Your Monthly Bill

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Tracking Feeds $2.00/ feed   $0.00
2,000 notifications included per tracking feed 0 Online Buy Nfl Buy Nfl $0.00
Up to 100,000 notifications $1.00 / 2,000 $0.00
Next 600,000 notifications $1.00 / 3,000 $0.00
Next 3,000,000 notifications $1.00 / 4,000 $0.00
Next Online Buy Nfl Buy Nfl 12,000,000 notifications $1.00 / 5,000 $0.00
Next 36,000,000 notifications $1.00 / 6,000 $0.00
All additional notifications $1.00 / 7,000 $0.00
Your Estimated Total Online Buy Nfl Buy Nfl $0.00

Sign Up

Superfeedr helps you track content from the whole web.

Sign up as a tracker

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